With its continuously development of MasterConcept on Microsoft technology, Ides AB strengthens its development to cover also Microsoft cloud services and Azure platform development.

MasterConcept – closer integration to Microsoft platforms

Ides product strategy is to support different business areas such as Manufacturing, BIM, Facility Management, Plant Design and Project Management. MasterConcept therefor have support for advanced 3D design and Office documentation.

Office integrations

MasterConcept has an integration for Microsoft Office applications. With this MasterConcept customers have a more seamless integration and connect each user closer to MasterConcept Document Management.

App development

During 2017 Ides released the App, AssetMaster, as part of the functionality in MasterConcept for Asset Management. AssetMaster App connects office with operations through hand held devices in online or offline mode. With AssetMaster the service department have access to work orders, fault reports and to MasterConcept Document Management.
AssetMaster support Android, iOS and Windows.

Azure IoT Suite

MasterConcept Asset Management is developed to integrate the OPC UA Industrial Interoperability Standard using Azure Industrial IoT Cloud Platform. This is used to collect operational data for preventive and predicted maintenance.