Due to an increased inquiry of the software family MasterConcept, Ides opened a new office on the 1st of June.

“By establishing our business in the region we will be able to support all our customers as well as new customers in a more efficient way. The region is expanding and a lot of western companies are establishing in the region such as ABB and Ericsson” say Alex Shen, Market Director China.

Ides MasterConcept is used through the value chain from Engineering companies to Power Plants. ABB in Beijing and Shanghai Wujing Power Plant no 2 are some of the largest customers using MasterConcept since 2008. Ides have an established network of Resellers and Distributors all over China supporting the local market.

Ides China is responsible for all Sales, Distribution and Technical support within China and is responsible within product development for Chinese localizations.

Adsress to the new office: Room 801 N0.D Building,YinHeHuaTing,Fengcheng 3rd Road, Weiyang District,XI’an City