• Mobility in engineering and design

    Be flexible with Ides mobile solution

Mobility with Master portal

  • Mobility

    With support for Mobile Devices and Tablets

  • Search for documents

    Search for published documents

  • View Document

    With a built- in document viewer

Mobility with high safety on documents

Make your technical document archive mobile with Master portal. Share technical documentation in Master portal. This application with its simple utilisation and intuitive user interface brings customers a mobile technology platform.

With support for Apple iOS, Andriod, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet explorer users kan choose freely searching for documentation and data from any platform.

Each user has their own login and user account on Master explorer server where user kan search and browse document. Authentication of users and roles are handled on the same platform as other Master concept applications in order to keep same security level and user administration. Orignial files can never be downloaded or extracted from server by Master portal and documents that are available for viewing in Master Portal are only those with published status.

For all in the organization

Master portal is designed to support organizations within Plant Operation or Project based business.  The Maintenance and Service organization can direct access to server and published documents.

Document’s search and find functionality enables search critera based on document meta data and relations to Plant Objects. The extended search based on plant objects and structures is now also available in Master Portal.

View Documents and their properties

Master portal has a specific preview area for documents. In preview area Master portal show multiple views of search result or  a single preview of one document.

If document has many pages, users can choose viewing forward and backwards in preview area. Users are also able to choose viewing documents side by side and zooming in each document. Number of previewed documetns can be configured. All document properties and object relations are also shown  in preview area.

Big becomes small and easy to access

Technical document archive with drawings and documents is easily accessed and searched in Master portal. Master portal has access to all PDF documents in Master concept database. Users can zoom out each big size drawing fast and easy.

  • From big to small

    Drawings and documents are easy to access with Master Portal

  • Customizable

    Use standard configurations or customise after your own needs

  • Merge same documents

    Merge documents and make them easier to handle

  • Safe and simplicity

    Documents are only accessible for registered users