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We want to encourage all people and companies who have the possibility to make a change for those who have less than nothing. Children suffer more as they do not know why things happen around them and they are definitely not the cause.  The consequence is a lost childhood with no play and happiness as it should.

They will grow up and step in to an adult world with scars not only on the outside but maybe worse on the inside. Scars and memories that no living should bear alone.

Also this year we sponsor the organization Save The Children as they struggle to help and protect children around the world in around 120 countries.
This organization are also the protector and watcher of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Adopted the UN General Assembly 20 November 1989.

Find your local organization in your country and make a donation. Don’t wait.

Together our help can make a change!

With this call for help we at Ides Group wish you and your love once a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Ides AB, the international engineering application developer and Sigma IT Consulting signs a strategic partner agreement to jointly offer technology and professional services for the Swedish Asset Industry.

Sigma IT Consulting has been appointed a MasterConcept Implementation Partner, and will offer technology and services based on MasterConcept. With more than 20 years of experience, implementing from the Asset Management Systems, Sigma IT Consulting can now offer an overall system solution, implementing a technical document management system combined with asset data management and integrated with asset management business processes.

“With an experienced partner such as Sigma, our customers will have the best professional guidance and services in the implementation phase of our technology, as well as a reliable guide in the complex IT infrastructure” says Lars Geidne CEO Ides AB.

The MasterConcept platform is based on the basic elements within the Asset and BIM modelling such as Objects, Individuals and Articles. The platform manages technical aspects such as pictures, 3D models, maintenance and engineering data within its lifecycle.

“With MasterConcept we move asset management processes to an earlier stage in plant projects, instead of after project closing as is traditional in today’s processes. By collecting and structuring engineering master data during the project, our customers will have a platform of technical data, which is essential in the lifecycle perspective.“ says Peter Lorenz, Manager Asset by Sigma.

About Asset by Sigma

Asset by Sigma is the leading supplier in the Nordics of IT-solutions for industrial maintenance and Asset Management. We provide services within asset maintenance, mobility, predictive maintenance and lifecycle management.

Asset by Sigma is a part of Sigma Group, a leading consulting group with an objective to make our customers more competitive. Our means are technological know-how and a constant passion for finding better solutions. We are 3,400 employees in eleven countries. Sigma is owned by Danir AB, held by the Dan Olofsson family.

About Ides AB and MasterConcept

Ides AB, Swedish software developer of engineering applications, engineering data and document software including a PLM/BLM platform with EAM and Facility Management.

We supply our software and solutions to customers across discrete manufacturing, energy & process, architecture, construction and nuclear power, using Ides software to design, structuring technical data, for content management of projects execution and operational information with maintenance and facility management aspects.

Ides software, MasterConcept, a PLM platform named Engineering Data Hub to support creating and organizing engineering plant data and BIM or product related information during the project phases in design, project execution, construction, maintenance and operational analysis. Customers within Infrastructures facilities, Engineering and Design, Construction, Hospitals, Railroad, Metro, Power Grid, Wind power, Hydropower, Nuclear Power, CHP (Combined Heat and Power), Marine and Process industries work daily in ides Software.

For more information, please contact:

Lars Geidne
President and CEO
Ides AB
email: lars.geidne@idesglobal.com
tel: +46 (0)736 656466

Peter Lorenz
Manager Asset by Sigma
Sigma IT Consulting
email: peter.lorenz@sigma.se
tel: +46 (0)703 09 34 07


Ides and SCG SHANGHAI SHANGAN M&E Design Office CO., LTD, the MEP design division within Shanghai Construction Group, has signed a strategic partnership to jointly develop the BIM market in China. SCG MEP is appointed as a Golden Strategic Partner and will roll out services and technology based on MasterConcept.

SCG MEP will offer its customers a populated data platform of design and technical data where documents, 3D models and Preventive Maintenance are unified in to the same system. By developing its customers for operation and maintenance, SCG MEP structures project documentation and BIM data in combination to Preventive Maintenance.

“With MasterConcept we create a Facility Life cycle platform for our customers including a BIM Engineering data & Maintenance platform at the same time. Data is kept consistent and protected during the whole life cycle of high technology facilities.” says Ms. Wang, President of SCG SHANGHAI SHANGAN M&E Design Office CO., LTD

MasterConcept is a design platform where technical data, documentation, CAD, 3D-models together with BIM object data is structured. MasterConcept also includes Facility Management with PM, Work Order and Fault Report.

“Together with SCG we create what the engineers has talked about for too long. We move maintenance preparations and maintenance set-up in to an early stage of all projects for a faster handover process after going live.” Lars Geidne, CEO of Ides AB

Ides Golden Partner SCG MEPDE will deliver MasterConcept BIM platform with all technical data in combination with FM, Facility Management.

About SCG

Shanghai Construction Group is one of the top 1000 companies in the world, Forbes top 2000 ranking with 33,157 Employees and a Sales on $ 19.82 BN. Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd. engages in the provision of construction services. Its construction services include building of high rise towers, bridges, light railways, public culture and sport facilities, industrial plants, and environmental protection projects. The company was founded on June 15, 1998 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. Shanghai Construction Group (SCG), which has been undertaking many important tasks in the building and modernization of China’s cities, is the flagship of China’s building industry.

SCG possesses core technologies in the construction of high-rise buildings, large bridges, light railways, public culture & sport facilities, large industrial plants, major environment protection projects & etc. At the same time, SCG has also completed about 100 landmark projects in more than 30 overseas countries and regions.
Shanghai Construction, with its business covering nearly the entire building industry, is capable of integrating all related social resources in its business. In the field of investment, construction and operation of urban infrastructure,

Shanghai Construction owns a competitive & leading professional work force which could provide comprehensive general contacting service to the society. As the trade mark of Shanghai Construction, “SCG” has obtained the national certification of “China’s Famous Brand”.

Ides AB announce that the distribution of the latest release of MasterConcept 17 has started, now including EAM and BIM as an integrated part of the design and engineering platform. By adding Preventive Maintenance plans already in the design phase, the utilization of plants and facilities will greatly be increased.

Maintenance goes 3D

By opening up Asset Management access in a 3D Model, maintenance departments can use both maintenance app devices or 3D models as the entrance to manage asset data during maintenance operation. Using IFC models or applications such as AutoCAD and Revit, maintenance and design department can follow Fault reports and ongoing Work orders.

– MasterConcept Ultimate 17 will simplify the interaction between design, operation and maintenance during the entire lifecycle, says Lars Geidne, CEO Ides AB

BIM 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D

Fully integrated with CAD platforms such as AutoCAD and Revit, Ides offer BIM customers a platform for information structuring and document management. MasterConcept connects with 3D model instances to offer the user volume and price calculations parallel with their design.

AssetMaster app – online and offline

AssetMaster offer access to/creating Work order, fault reporting and improvement suggestion The app supports offline mode to support maintenance staff who occasionally gets disconnected from the network.


After a public controlled procurement process, Jönköping Energi, unit for district heating and power generation, has selected Ides MasterConcept as their future IT-platform for plant data and document management. This procurement was one step in their modernization of the business processes for technical information management. Technical data and documents will be stored and protected in MasterConcept as the central system, available for the organizations of project execution, maintenance and operation. The increased quality of information will be available during the plants entire lifecycle and will provide accurate and reliable data in their operation.

The system delivery and implementation is a joint project between Ides implementation partner, SIGMA IT Consulting and Ides AB. SIGMA IT Consulting bring more than 20 years’ experience from integrations of complex systems.

MasterConcept structures and protect valuable technical information concerning the entire plants assets, data about equipment and components, procurement article data as well as CAD documents and 3D models. Implementing MasterConcept solutions for project management, Jönköping Energi will have an important project portal to secure the collecting process of technical data and documents in future projects. Data in MasterConcept will be available from Jönköping Energi Maintenance after the integration project.

– During the procurement process, Ides and Sigma suggested the best solution that where matching our requirements and needs. According to our opinion MasterConcept offer the most competitive combination of being easy to use for the users at the same time solving the complexity of problems to manage new and historical information, says Dan Bruhn, Production Manager Jönköping Energi.

An important aspect of the development of the working processes at Jönköping Energi is to offer every team member the ability to search on objects/assets or documentation, also including advanced CAD documents and equipment information.

– Finally Dan is adding – “We are looking forward to the implementation of Ides solution MasterConcept as an important piece in the puzzle to improve our information management and help us to reach our company goal: A better and more sustainable Jönköping”

About Jönköping Energi (Energy)

Jönköping Energi is owned by the state municipal of Jönköping and is one part of a corporate structure of 4 companies. Jönköping Energi supply 55000 citizens with light, electricity, distribution of central heating and cooling media, network and biogas as well as local and regional power distribution. Jönköping Energi has a turnover of 1 billion SEK and have 270 employees.

About Swedish Competition Authority

The Swedish Competition Authority is a state authority working to safeguard and increase competition and supervise public procurement in Sweden. Public procurement is governed by the Swedish Public Procurement Act (2007:1091 – LOU), which is largely based on EU Directive concerning public procurement

Ides MasterConcept now has support for Autodesk AutoCAD 2018.

Read more about AutoCAD 2018: http://blogs.autodesk.com/autocad/autocad-2018/

Create Preventive Maintenance already during design

MasterConcept is now complemented with two new modules to cover the maintenance process. The module Preventive Maintenance (PM) is included with MasterConcept 16.2, for free.

With the module Preventive Maintenance, our users can create preventive maintenance plans already during design. You got full freedom to choose a solution – continue working with MasterConcept Maintenance or transfer the information to an existing maintenance system.

Module 1 – Preventive Maintenance
Included in all MasterConcept licenses

With Preventive Maintenance you create activities for the future maintenance of the equipment on the object or by the article.

  • The best alternative is to register PM activities directly on the article. At the end of the project you let the system copy all associated PM activities to all objects that are linked to the current article.
  • It is also possible to register one or many PM activities directly on each object if the object have special needs, for example due to different environmental impact.
Module 2 – workorder/reports
Supplementary module to MasterConcept that can be purchased at extra needs
  • Work orders handles activities that need to be performed by different parts of the organization. They are either generated from Preventive Maintenance activities (PM), Fault Reports, Work Request or Improvement Suggestions.
  • All needs for corrective maintenance during a project or after going live can be documented as a fault report or improvement suggestion.
  • Work request is used to order activities which is not related to a fault or error. Can be a connected job to a main work order or general activities during a project.
  • Improvement suggestions is a special type of work order for asset modifications or asset improvements in general


This time you can read about Hofor (Copenhagen Energy) who choose MasterConcept as its future technology platform. You can also read about Preventive Maintenance Planning, BIM and Facility Lifecycle Management as well as tips and tricks in MasterConcept.