Ides open its Representative Office in Tokyo, Japan

Ides AB announces the opening of its Representative Office in Tokyo. The Japanese industry is heading to a strong DX transformation process where the digitalization of plant and facility information require a platform supporting this strategy. Ides platform, Master concept, with a legacy of more than 28 years supporting the digitalization process have a variety of different applications from CAD/CAE in Design to Maintenance and handheld applications.

Ides Japan team has been working closely with some of Japan’s most famous industries since summer 2023 to introduce the support for information lifecycle management also for the Japan industry.

“Our strength in our platform for digitalization is the key for a successful implementation where the scoop is to be prepared for generations to come. From design over to operation and maintenance where digital information handover is a crucial part of the life cycle of digital information”,

Yang Wang head of operation Ides Japan Ltd.

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