Christmas is just around the corner, but not everyone wishes for presents under the tree.

A tradition that we are proud of!

For 19 years, we have given a contribution every year to the most needy in Sweden and abroad. Save the Children is committed to our future generations by being on site in both war zones, during crises and disasters.

It is a human right to be a child and to play through childhood. Save the Children sees the little person who may have lost both parents and siblings. Who now need all the love and help they can get.

We therefore give our contribution to the heroes who risk their lives to save the children, our future.

All of you who read this, I know you CAN give a contribution. Big or small, to the heroes at Save the Children or other organizations that help people in need.

So do it now!

/Lars Geidne

Don’t hesitate, send your contribution today!