Ides Master concept release 22, now shipping

Ides AB announce that the shipment of Master concept Ultimate 22 is rolling for all existing and new customers worldwide.

Master concept Ultimate 22 include the applications docMaster, elMaster and proMaster. Ultimate 22 extended support for SQL server allow new and existing customers a variety of server platforms to conform with existing IT infrastructure or cloud services.

Release 22 includes a whole new package for ISM, Information Security Management, with security classification level management. The new release have new extended support for resource planning in asset management with support for iOS, Android and Windows.

Master concept 22 built in CAD applications and CAD drivers have support for the latest technology from Autodesk and Bricsys.

A whole set of new project related applications are released in phase with the major release of 22. The applications create a seamless integrated platform for a digital flow of information within all projects with focus on asset information and project related tasks and schedules.